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5th WPCSG Germany Cup
to be held on 27th of August 2011


On Saturday, 27th of August 2011, the Welsh Pony an Cob Society Germany will hold its 5th Germany Cup at Elsdorf/Rhineland (situated near Cologne).

The schedule of the show
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 Lynn Irnich

English Ridden Classes

These classes originated in England and take more the form of a Show class under Saddle than a dressage test or Riders test.

They are judged on the suitability of rider/pony, good manners of the pony while under saddle and willingness to react to light aids. Also clean correct turnout of both rider and pony. In England Type also comes into consideration.

Of course in England , by long tradition, there are many more ponies competing in this way than we have in Germany.

 For  the Welsh Breeds normally the classes are split into:-

 Lead Rein , ponies  maximum 122cm  and riders  aged 7 years and under.

 First Ridden, ponies maximum 122cm and riders aged 9 years and under.

The other saddle classes are split by Section.  A, B, C,  D. and PB

Due to lack of this tradition  we have altered  this to suit Germany and to permit more children/adults and ponies to take part in these classes.

There are   4 Saddle classes offered.

Special note for all classes

Only Part -Breds are permitted to be shown with plaited manes or tails, A,B,C, and D are to be shown natural. Ribbons and other fancy decorations on the pony are not correct, it is not a fancy dress events.

Hard hats with minimum of 3 point fastening are to be worn in all classes.

All type of Side-reins, martingales etc are not allowed

Leg protectors, bandages etc are not allowed.



Here we have extended the size of pony to max 137cm.. This allows families with only one pony but with more children to compete. The age of child has been extended to 8 as many children here do start riding so early as in England.

Ponies allowed are 4 years and older Sections A, B and Parts-Breds  not exceeding 137cm.

For safety reasons stallions and mares with foals at foot in the same year are not allowed.


This is the very first competition for the small rider with safety being of supreme importance and is accompanied on the lead rein by a person 16 years and older.

The competitors walk around the ring together but trot individually and never trot together. The judge will also ask for a very small simple individual show from each which at such time the other competitor will be asked to stand together.

In this class, as well as the special notice above for all classes, spurs, whips and leadchains  are not allowed

. The lead rein is to be attached to the underside of the noseband and not to the bit and held as loosely as possible by the leader. It is a safety “net” and should ideally not be used to lead the pony or to be used as a permanent braking system for a pony that thinks it is on the race course.


As it is a show type class the leader should be dressed as smartly as possible.

 The tradition is ladies to wear a dress or suit with hat.

A word here unless your pony is well trained and you wish in the non English art to get rid of your adversaries then a large white hat with huge brim is not advised!

Gentelmen  to wear a suit, or trousers and jacket  and also a suitable hat.

The rider must have a well fitting hat with a minimum of 3 point fastening and suitable footwear with a small heel. Flat training shoes are not suitable and are dangerous.

The pony should be well behaved and suitable to carry its small rider in safety. One that is a little slower is better than a hectic one. Bucking ponies and flying children are not really wished for!


The whole picture of pony, rider and leader in harmony is judged.



For the same reasons as the Lead Rein we have also extended the size of pony to max 137cm and the age of the child to 12 years old.

Ponies 4 years and older of the Sections   A,B, C and  Part-Breds  not exceeding 137cm.

For safety reasons Stallions and mares with foal at foot in the same year are not allowed.

This is the next step up from the lead rein for the young rider so safety is again important.

In this class the riders will be expected to walk and trot together on both reins. They will be asked to do a simple individual show while the others stand. At this time they will be asked to show a canter on both reins. In this class they never canter all together.


In this class as well as the special notice above for all  classes  , Spurs are not allowed and a whip should not be longer than 65cm

Ponies should be well mannered and suitable to carry a novice rider in safety .



This is open to all Welsh sections with Riders 16 years and under.

In this class the riders will be expected to walk, trot and canter together on both reins and will be asked to do an individual show.

The judge will be looking for a well mannered obedient ride.


Open to all Welsh Sections.  Riders  17 years. and  older.

This is similar to the Junior Class but the riders will also be asked   to show a gallop down the long sides  and in the individual show a rein back.

 Sometimes the pony/ horse is also ridden by  either the judge themselves or a rider chosen for this job to test the training and general behaviour of the ride, and report back to the judge.

As one can see this is very much more a test for the rider and horse than just how fine a rider can sit on top.

Again manners and obedience is of importance  with good paces.


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