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WPCSG-Workshop on 14.05.2011
Breeding Aims and Breeding Methods
by Welsh Ponies and Cobs.
in D-49457 Drebber, Speckener Staße 30

The Welsh Pony and Cob Society Germany invited all members , interested breeders and Welsh fans to a Workshop. The theme was  how the  breeding aims and breeding methods of Welsh Ponies and Cobs should go.

As a start to the experience exchanges the Chairman of the WPCSG. Hartmut Schröder did a Power Point Presentation with the basic descriptions of the Welsh sections according to the Mother Society. After this there was a discussion with the participants over the possibilities and limitations of individual breeding aims.


Many breeders have an aim to achieve or avoid certain colours. At the Workshop the fundaments of colour breeding of ponies/horses was discussed to bring a little more light on this often dark domain.

Also the breeding methods of in-breeding/ line-breeding and out crossing was discussed.




Hartmut Schröder
translated by Lynn Irnich

WPCSG Workshop with Sarah and Colin Tibbey
- more than 50 participants -
(all pictures by Karen Meyer)

„The Preparation and  Presentation of Welsh Ponies the Sections A and B  for the show ring”, was the theme for this workshop. Sarah and Colin Tibby of the Lacy Stud from Bethel, North Wales, excepted the invitation from the WPCSG, to come to Emstek to  the Stallion Station Halerhöhe of Emma and August Ellers. More than 50 interested breeders and welsh fans came to learn from  their successful methods.

Z Workshop Ellers Lacy Stud

The Workshop was split into two sections. A theoretical part before lunch and a practical demonstration in the afternoon.  The lunch break was greatfully used by all to fuel up on a delicious pea or goulash hotpot and generally swop information with each other.


Already in the theoretical part, which had such points as, :

  • “the use of rugs to permit showing early in the year”:
  • “the best feeding method –  in which feeding condition a pony should be”:
  • “to acclimatize  young  ponies to their surroundings  by walking them out on the roads”:
  • “When should the blacksmith come and when to shoe”:
  • “The trimming of head, mane and tail”:
  • “The use of makeup”:
  • “The choice of head piece, bridle and accessories”.

There were many questions asked which Sarah and Colin answered with the best of their knowledge.

pp 4

pp 5

pp 6

A total of 6 Welsh A and B ponies were brought by participants of the Workshop for Sarah and Collin to demonstrate with and show how they  produce their ponies from success to success. Everyone was able to take home many suggestions and tipps for the coming Show Season.

15 Workshop Tibbey Mähne trimmen

15 Workshop Tibbey Trimmen Schweif

15 Workshop Tibbes Weißen Fuss

15 Workshop Tibbey Ohr

15 Workshop Tibbey Schminken Auge

15 Workshop Tibbey Schminken Nuestern

15 Workshop Tibbey WA Stute

15 Workshop Tibbey Aufstellen WA

15 Workshop Tibbey A Hengst Benjamins

15 Workshop Tibbey WA Inge

15 Workshop Tibbey  WB Stute

15 Workshop Tibbey Trot

To complete the picture of the presentation of our Welsh Ponies we need the correct equipment for human and pony, which here in Germany is difficult if not impossible to find.

For this we invited Yvette Zoet from Wezep , Holland. Yvette, with her husband Harold, has not only their famous Ysselvliedt Welsh Stud but also a shop for pony/horse and rider equipment. We were able therefore to offer this special service  directly to our visitors of the workshop with all the care products,  pony rugs, Show  halters/ bridles, leadreins etc.

pp 7

15 Workshop Tibbey HR Ruiterhuis

CC Workshop Ellers Halfter

15 Workshop Tibbey HZ Stand

15 Workshop Tibbey HZ

Also what would our Workshop have  been without the wonderful cosy atmosphere created by our hosts Family August Ellers and their team, who allowed us the use of the facilities of the Stallion Station Halerhöhe.

pp 8

One was able to find a warm corner to chat etc, whether it was in the heated  stable area set up with chairs and tables, or in the kitchen with the busy hands of the hostess, Emma Ellers,( who also celebrated her birthday on this day,) also with her “Assistant” Hilde Schoster and other helpers who worked so hard for the comfort of the workshop participants.

Very welcome by the minus temperature was naturally the hot drinks and the wonderful Goulash and pea hotpots prepared for the midday pause. An absolute insiders tipp was Emma`s  home baked  ring cake.

A special titbit, figuratively speaking, was after the lunch break, with the presentation of the 6 Riding Pony  and Welsh B Stallions from our hosts and moderated by Jürgen Hinrichs from Leer.

15 Workshop Tibbey Jürgen Hinrichs

The stallions  were presented in the hand then under saddle and also driven.

15 Workshop Tibbey An der Hand

15 Workshop Tibbey WB Hengst

15 Workshop Tibbey Sattel

15 Workshop Tibbey Sattel 2

15 Workshop Tibbey Einspänner

Jürgen Hinriches often stressed that this Stallion presentation was a very welcome rehearsal for the following week for the Stallion Show of the Weser-Ems Stud Book held at Vechta. It was very obvious how much heartfelt time and effort had been invested by every member of the Ellers Team.

CC Workshop Ellers team

And at the end, the Senior Chief, August Ellers himself took up the reins and drove the Welsh B Stallion Calido-G  around the hall to much  heartfelt applause.

BB Workshop Ellers August

The visitors were also informed that the 31 year old Wesh B stallion Constantin,    a living legend, was still at the Stallion Station but naturally  his high age had left its marks.

BB Workshop Ellers Constantin

The daughter of the house Hildegard Ellers,  realising the enthusiasm of the participants and  trusting that they had the knowledge to assess Constantins high age, eventually presented him at the  close of the day.. It was a very special honour to see this Veteran and look once more into his lively eyes.

15 Workshop Tibbey Schlusskreis

It leaves not much more to say except from 64  declared Welsh fans  more than 50 from near and far came to Emstek and the others that could not informed us before the event. Everyone in spite of not being able to attend still transferred the symbolic entry fee of  5,- Euro for  which we are very grateful. This is the ground stock for the next planned workshop with again highly qualified visitors from UK.

AA Workshop Ellers Danke Ellers

The success of a WPCSG Workshop is exclusively due to the quality and professionalism  of its contents and when it is composed of Sarah and Colin Tibby  there is not much to beat it.

There is always the answer to the question whether a Workshop like every other event of the WPCSG is worth while, out of the fact it brings our small Welsh family here in Germany a  little closer together. Only the partcipants of these Workshops can answer that question for themselves.

As we said farewell to our host August he indicated that “we would be welcome to come again” and my words stand.

“Emma and August, we would be more than pleased to come again!”


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